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Photo Editing

Audrey with Red Eye

After red eye fixed.

    I fixed Audrey's red eye with the Red Green Blue
    correction under Colors, Adjust. Then I made it
    look natural by zooming in and using Soften from
    the Retouch tool. That gave it a less 'filled in' look.

Cropping and Resizing

Above you see my example of cropping and resizing. The first pic is 40k. The cropped and resized version is only 5k! And I think the small version looks better, too.


Original Pic

Circle Deformation

Cylinder Deformation (Horizontal)

Perspective Deformation (Vertical)

Pinched at 92%

Punched at 41%

Skewed at -20 vertical

Wind from left at strength of 11


Drop Shadow


Chisel effect

Cut out effect


Erode filter

Dilate filter

Emboss filter

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