Quillo's Links

Here are some of my favorite places on the web! 

Animal Links

JES Exotics Sanctuary - A sanctuary for abused or abandoned exotic animals, especially big cats. They provided some of the pictures on this site.

African Wildlife Update - An independent newsletter reporting current news on African wildlife.

International Wildlife Coalition - Protects wildlife in many ways including through court systems and confronting animal abusers. Great site with lots of pics, information, etc. Whale watch, Endangered Species, discussion board, etc.

Endangered Species - Information about Endangered Species with photos.

National Wildlife Federation - Tons of pictures, articles and resources related to American wildlife and environmentalism.

Quillo & Tig Gallery - Some pictures of Quillo the hedgehog and her friend Tig.

Kratts' Creatures - Website for the fun PBS animal show, "Kratts' Creatures". You can explore more animals here.

The Lair of Queen Tygris - A nice site with more information and pictures of animals. There is also a lot of links to organizations that help preserve nature and wildlife.

Animal Related Links Page - The name says it all. Submit your site here too.

Animals On The Net - Lots of animal & pet links. Some information on animals. Plus, other fun stuff.

Other Links

Super Games - An archive of cheats and hints for video games. Includes cheats for SNES, N64, Genesis, Saturn, Playstation, PC, and Mac games. You can even vote for your favorite gaming system. Check it out!

Jan Brett's Website - Jan Brett is the author and illustrator of many children's books including The Hat and The Mitten which star a cute little hedgehog named Hedgie. Her website is filled with pictures, sounds, and even videos. She has hundreds of activities, projects and coloring pages available, plus information on her books, a message board, and more.

Searches and Link Directories

Need more sites? Try this Peach Pod internet search for kids! All sites are kid-safe!

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Net Search - Internet directory and search.

Cool Kids - Links for learning and fun just for kids.

AnimalSearch- A cool animal only search engine.

- A unique kids' web portal that presents sites as icons rather than text links. Great for little ones.

Kidz.Com - "A kid friendly Internet link site." This site has a lot of good links for kids plus a Book Club and a Games site.

If you would like your link added to Quillo's Links, send me the URL and a description of the site. Please only submit sites appropriate for everyone. Thank you!