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Quillo's Wild Dog Books

Once a Wolf : How Wildlife Biologists Brought Back the Gray Wolf

By Stephen R. Swinburne
For ages 4-8

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With powerful and rare photos, this book explores the long, troubled relationship between humans and wolves, tracing the persecution of the wolf throughout history and also revealing the role scientists have played in wolf preservation. Full color.


Wild Fox

By Cherie Mason
For ages 5-10

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One day Cherie Mason, a naturalist, environmentalist and author, looked out her window and saw an injured wild fox in her yard. Her story of what transpires between this young animal and her own heart is both touching and unforgettable for listeners of all ages.A 1994 Notable Children's Book--NCTE. 1994 "Smithsonian" magazine's Outstanding Natural History Title of the Year.


Amazing Wolves, Dogs, and Foxes (Eyewitness)

By Mary Ling
For ages 4-8

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Discover why wolves howl, which wolf is described as a "fox on stilts," which fox freezes its food, which dog is not much bigger than a pencil, and much more. Full-color photos & illustrations.


Arctic Wolves

By Wendy Pfeffer
For ages 4-8

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Enhanced by brilliant photographs of these animals in their natural habitats, this informative guide provides young readers with fact-filled information about Arctic wolves, their survival skills in such harsh surroundings, and more.

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