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Quillo's Panda Books

Giant Pandas

By Karen Dudley
For ages 9-12

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Examines the life of the panda bear, describing their social behavior, life cycle, food habits, and habitat, as well as presenting folklore surrounding these creatures.


The Year of the Panda

By Miriam Schlein, Kam Mak
For ages 9-12

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Set in rural China, this stirring tale involves middle-grade readers in a boy's quest to save an orphaned panda. Miriam Schlein, recipient of six NSTA/CBS Outstanding Science Book for Children citations, captures the timely, complex issue of people and animals sharing the same world.



By Heather Angel
For ages 10 and up

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A collection of stunning photos of pandas in the wild plus text concerning their habitat, behavior, and conservation status. Includes a small section on the Red Panda, but deals mostly with the more familiar Giant Panda.


Save the Panda

For all ages

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High in the bamboo-forested mountain ranges of central China live the elusive and endangered giant panda. Over time, their numbers have dwindled due to human encroachment and climatic changes. Join scientists as they track these rare creatures through nearly impenetrable bamboo in an effort to learn more about the panda and ultimately increase its chances of survival.

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