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Ailuropoda melanoleuca

The Giant Panda is one of the rarest animals. They are only found in a small region in southwestern China. Giant Pandas are also one of the shyest animals. They like to spend their day alone in the bamboo plants that they eat. They spend almost all day eating the bamboo. They eat a lot because bamboo does not have many nutrients. A Giant Panda must eat 25-45 pounds of bamboo a day in order to stay healthy. Some other foods Pandas enjoy are: berries, fruit, flowers, bark, and a few small animals. Giant Pandas hear very well. They use their great ears to listen for other animals that may be hunting them such as leopards or bears. If a predator approaches them, the Panda will use its strong arms and legs to climb easily up a tree and out of danger.


Giant Pandas are an endangered species and are close to becoming extinct. This is mainly due to the fact that the bamboo they eat periodically dies and leaves the Pandas to starve. Long ago, Giant Pandas would just leave the dead bamboo to find live bamboo. But now that people have established farms around the Pandas' habitat, they cannot leave the area they live in to find food.

Here are some cool facts about the Giant Panda: