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Morus bassanus

Gannets are very unique and beautiful birds. There are a few different kinds of Gannets, with habitats in places like Canada, Scotland, and some parts of the United States. They are sea birds with white bodies, black wing tips, and a yellow or tan shaded head. To help them swim, Gannets have webbed feet. They are fairly large birds, with a wingspan of about 6 feet and a body length of about 3 feet. Gannets are good fish hunters. They scan the waters for fish from high, high above. When they see a fish near the water's surface, they dive straight down toward it at top speed! They dive as much as 100 feet to the water at times. Then they use their large beaks to grab the fish.

When male and female Gannets get together, they usually stay together for life. They mate in groups on rocks. Then the female lays one bluish egg. When the baby hatches out of the egg, he is dark brown with splotches of white. As he gets older his feathers change colors until he looks like the adult Gannets in these pictures.

Here are some cool facts about Gannets:

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