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Canis familiaris dingo

Dingoes are wild dogs of Australia. They are found throughout the country, except in Tasmania. They are reddish brown or golden colored dogs that live in Australia's deserts and outback bushlands. They have very large ears that stand straight up. Their ears help them find food. Dingoes look a lot like the kind of dogs you might have as a pet. Some aboriginies (native people of Australia) keep Dingoes as pets.
Dingoes usually live in groups but sometimes males live alone. They hunt for foods such as birds, kangaroos, rabbits, and sheep. Some sheep farmers consider Dingoes to be pests because they often eat the farmers' livestock. Dingoes are not violent animals, however. They only kill enough to feed their pack. If they cannot eat all of the food they catch, the bury it and eat it later.
Mother and father Dingoes take good care of their pups. They travel long distances through the desert to find enough food to feed them once they have stopped drinking their mother's milk. The Dingo parents eat the meat and then regurgitate (throw up) so that their puppies can eat it. That may seem gross but it makes it easy for the pups to digest the food so that they can grow up strong.

Dingo pup

Here are some interesting facts about the Dingo:

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