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Quillo's Big Cat Books

The African Cats

By Geoffrey C. Saign
For ages 9-12

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This book combines dramatic wildlife color photographs with a lively, informative text. After a general introduction that includes facts about evolution (with a double-page family tree), Saign looks in turn at each of 10 African cats, from the lion, leopard, and cheetah to the tiny sand cat.



By Jalma Barrett
For ages 9-12

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Stunning color photos capture these wild animals in their natural surroundings as the text describes each cat's habitat, physical features, and special abilities. Explore the social lives of these captivating creatures, their survival techniques, reproduction, development, and interaction with humans.


Amazing Cats (Eyewitness)

By Alexandra Parsons
For ages 4-8

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Amazing Cats explores why all felines--even the most pampered house cats--are such skilled hunters and climbers, then explains why the ocelot switched form day to night hunting, how the caracal can knock a bird right out of the air, and much more.


In The Lion's Den

By Mitsuaki Iwago
For all ages

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The most exciting photographic portrait of lions ever assembled, In the Lion's Den presents nearly 100 breathtaking photographs of the day-to-day lives of these magnificent wild felines of East Africa's fabled Serengeti plain. Internationally renowned wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago's incredible close-up images convey both the majestic beauty of the lions and the harsh realities of their natural habitat. 98 color photos.



By Jenny Markert
For ages 9-12

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Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and life cycle of the tiger in its natural habitat.


Tigers of the Snow (National Geographic)

For all ages

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Venture into the dense forests of coastal Siberia to track the biggest cat on earth, the elusive Siberian Tiger. You'll join a team of Russian and American scientists who are risking their lives to save this highly endangered and highly dangerous creature. Acclaimed wildlife producer Mark Stouffer, of Wild America fame, was on hand to record many never-before-seen moments in tiger conservation: A female tiger charges up a tree, attempting to attack a hovering helicopter. Team members race to revive a sedated tiger, even giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. There are plenty of daring adventures in this bold effort to rescue the Tigers of the Snow.

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