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Quillo's Bear Books

Bears are Curious

By Joyce Milton, Chris Santoro
For ages 4-8

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This sweet, factual Step into Reading title follows a mother bear and her two cubs throughout the year. Young naturalists will learn all about the varieties, habits, and habitats of bears in this engaging story. Full color.


Bear Play

By Miela Ford
For ages 2-8

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What happens when two bear cubs get together? Like any two youngsters, they frolic happily until it is time for one of them to leave. But that's all right, there's always tomorrow. A simple text and wonderfully real, endearing photos will make this a surefire hit with toddlers. Full-color.


The Grizzly Bear

By Alvin & Virginia Silverstein
For ages 9-12

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Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of the grizzly bear, its decline in numbers due to human population growth and activities, and the efforts being made to maintain its population.


Eyewitness: Bear

For all ages

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From the giant polar bear to the Malaysian sun bear, DK Vision covers all its bases in Eyewitness: Bear. Amazing images and insightful narration! Gives us the lowdown on the eight species of bears that lumber across Asia and the Americas, delighting adults and children alike.

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